Nick Oliver

Oliver Wealth Management

Member Since:

December 2021

What I Do

I work with both individual and corporate clients, helping them to secure their financial futures and allowing them to focus on making the most of the present. I take a holistic approach to financial planning and aim to build long-term, successful relationships through expert advice and ongoing service.

Who I am Looking For

I work with individuals, families and SMEs. Often they come to me at a point of change – career change, receipt of a windfall (house sale, divorce, inheritance), business sale.

Nick has always provided sound, high quality advice based on my own personal circumstances which have been very much appreciated. As a busy individual it is great that he is proactive in making contact to review my financial health / circumstances on a regular basis as well as being ready to provide his advice. As a result of his advice and ongoing support, my financial situation has improved getting me closer to my goals. I would certainly recommend his services to anyone.

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