Lewis Jenkins

Magnetar IT

Member Since:

October 2019

What I Do

We help manage businesses IT Support (keeping the engine running) and deliver IT Solutions (changing the business engine) which helps businesses leverage technology to improve how to operate from marketing > sales > operations/delivery > finance. We see each aspect as vital to a business, so the tools and technology they use should enhance the business capability. Having the right technology enables better accountability, visibility and makes things simple. Once things are simple, they get done – consistently.

We start by understanding a businesses needs, then map out their ideal business processes and source the right combination of tools to deliver the vision. We help transition this change in the business to ensure it is a success.

Our vision is to help innovate businesses and improve people‚Äôs lives with technology and our mission is to dedicate ourselves with enthusiasm and heart to offer, efficient, sustainable solutions, with unparalleled customer service to enable our customer’s pursuit of their creative endeavours.

Who I am Looking For

Growing businesses that are just not happy with their technology within the business. Businesses stuck repeating the same tasks where automation could remove and enable better use of time. If a business has disconnected systems or none at all, this is where we help. We find many businesses we work with are not aware of what is out there to help them and we can guide people on that journey.

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